table, pedestal
table, pedestal
table, pedestal
table, pedestal
table, pedestal

table, pedestal


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A brass and ceramic table or stand, the brass frame embellished with a multi-coloured Longwy earthenware tile set into its top (the name "LONGWY" impressed on its back side), and a Longwy earthenware cylinder in the core of the table legs. Four brass scarab beetles are at each corner on the top. The brass feet are in the form of a paw or claw, and brass feathers are attached to each leg at the base of the Longwy ceramic core.
Tables of this type were produced during the 1880's at the peak of the Aesthetic Movement. They were often used as plant stands, but also served as tables for lamps and other objects. Brass light fixtures fitted with multi-coloured Longwy pottery elements in Persian-inspired designs were also popular. This table was probably made by Bradley & Hubbard of Meriden Connecticut or the Ansonia Brass & Copper Company of Wolcottville, Connecticut, USA.
History of Use
Unknown. Purchased at a Victoria, BC auction in December, 2006.
circa 1883
82 x 34 x 34 cm
Metal, brass; Ceramic, earthenware
Fired; Enamelled; Cast
Country of Origin
United States of America; Republic of France

Related people/businesses/organizations
Longwy Faience Company (manufacturer)
Ansonia Brass and Copper Company (manufacturer)