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A sketch drawn in pencil on paper, the overall image in circular form depicting a young barefooted girl sitting under a large overhanging tree, one of her hands on the ground in front of her, and the other arm resting on her bent leg, her gaze toward the viewer, her costume a collared, puffed-sleeved dress, her pair of shoes in front of her, her hair in ringlets, the work signed by the artist at the bottom right corner.
This picture was drawn by Annie (aka "Effie") Euphemia Dunsmuir (1868-1952), the ninth child of Robert and Joan Dunsmuir. It is based on the children's book, Little Goody Two-Shoes attributed to John Newbery, first published in London in 1765. It was still being published in the late 19th Century. The story was obviously known to Effie. It concerns an exceptionally virtuous but very poor orphaned girl who has only one shoe. Eventually, her goodly conduct pays-off. A rich benefactor gives her a pair of new shoes. She is so happy about this that she earnestly tells everyone she meets that she has two shoes. She grows up to become a teacher, and marries a wealthy widower.

The picture was drawn by Effie when she was about 12-15 years of age. As she noted beneath her signature, Effie was a pupil at St. Ann's Convent School in Nanaimo when she produced the drawing. The school was situated at the intersection of Wallace and Wentworth Streets, about 600 metres west of the Dunsmuir family home, Ardoon. See BCA A-07740:

This artwork demonstrates that Effie had artistic ability. Whether she pursued drawing and/or painting into adult life is not known. However, she was a musician. She posed for a photograph playing the banjo with her sisters and niece in Craigdarroch's drawing room in about 1895.
History of Use
Effie Dunsmuir drew the picture while attending St. Ann's Convent School in Nanaimo, B.C. Holes in the support indicate that it was once pinned to a surface. The donor said that Effie gave it to her grandmother when both girls were young. Effie was living at Ardoon when she made the gift. Effie's friend, Maggie Beck, and her descendants, kept it in British Columbia until it was given to Craigdarroch Castle in 1996.
circa 1880 – 1883
68.1 x 50.5 cm
Annie Euphemia Dunsmuir
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Little Goody Two Shoes
Little Goody Two Shoes
Effie Dunsmuir
St. Ann's Convent
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Annie Euphemia Dunsmuir (artist)
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Ardoon (house) (was used in)