cleaner, knife
cleaner, knife
cleaner, knife
cleaner, knife
cleaner, knife

cleaner, knife


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can;knife polish;package, product
Metal cylindrical tin, covered in a red paper label for John Oakey & Sons Wellington Knife Polish. The label features a picture of a man's bust with lions rampant on either side and a light blue oval highlighting the brand name. Instructions for use and the features of the product are explained on the other side. The paper on the top has been partially removed to expose two perforations in the can designed to allow the emery powder to pour out. The can is approximately 3/4 full of powder.
This container of “Wellington Knife Polish”emery powder knife polish was intended by its late 19th Century manufacturer, John Oakey & Sons of London, England, to be used in conjunction with a knife board. Steel knives tend to stain quickly with use, and the practice of polishing them with emery powder and brick powder on knife boards was widespread in domestic settings in Europe and North America. 
History of Use

This polish was once owned by the donor’s grandmother, Mary Botting (later Mrs. Mary Cox) who moved to Nelson, BC from Somerset, England before WWl. Mrs. Cox then moved to Victoria before WWll and kept the polish at her home at 1806 Burnside Road. Following her death, the polish was moved to her daughter’s Victoria house at 1605 Rockland Avenue where the donor first saw it and was told about its history of use.

1875 – 1900
11 cm
Metal; Paper
John Oakey & Sons
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John Oakey & Sons (manufacturer)
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