soldier, toy
soldier, toy

soldier, toy


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Alternate Name
miniature soldier; soldier figurine
A miniature French military officer, his right arm at his side holding a vertically-oriented sword, his trousers white, brown putees rising from black boots, his navy blue jacket over a white tunic with with gold buttons, his white cross-straps holding a brown-coloured backpack, his tall black hat with red detailing, a scabbard at his side, his hair brown, wearing a mustache, the figure standing on a cast brown-coloured base.
This soldier is part of a boxed group of fourteen volontaires assault (assault volunteers) soldiers of the Revolutionary or Napoleonic Periods.

The CBG Mignot Company of France began manufacturing miniature soldier figurines in 1785 and are still in operation. The bodies of the figurines are solid lead, while the muskets are tin. The human heads are cast separately and soldered to the body. The standard height of figurines in this set is 54 mm.

The miniature soldiers that comprise the group of fourteen include 11 Troopers, 1 Officer, 1 Standard Bearer, and 1 Drummer.
History of Use
The donor purchased this set of miniature soldiers at F.A.O. Schwarz Ltd., Fifth Ave., New York City.
5.6 x 2 cm
Metal, lead; Metal, tin; Paint
Brand Name
Volonbaires assaut (Assault Troops Volunteer)
Serial Number
Cast; Painted
Napoleonic Period or French Revolution
Country of Origin
Republic of France

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