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A paperboard box for toy soldiers, the top/bottom/insert red with gold borders along the seams, the inside is plain cardstock, the elaborate label on the top centre of lid symmetrical in design, the border with scrolls in each corner, a pinkish-coloured architectural pediment with an acorn final at the centre top, on each side the upper half of a bearded man holding up the arch's columns, across the top a long red banner with gold upper-case lettering, "Fabrique Francaise", in the centre of the label the red letters "C.B.G" with a gold medallion on each side with "Paris" underneath, across the bottom a battle scene, in the bottom centre section a white square containing handwritten text in black ink describing the type and series number of the soldiers the box contains.
This box was made to hold a group of fourteen volontaires assault (assault volunteers) soldiers.

The CBG Mignot Company of France began manufacturing miniature soldier figurines in 1785 and are still in operation. The style of their boxes have not changed much through the years. The arch on the box was a trademark. Before 1920, a pamphlet featuring their current products was usually pasted onto the inside top lid. The body of the figurines are solid lead, while the muskets are tin. The human heads are cast separately and soldered to the body. The standard height of figurines in this set is 54 mm.

The figurines that this box contains represent volunteer soldiers of the Revolutionary or Napoleonic Periods. There are 11 Troopers, 1 Officer, 1 Standard Bearer, and 1 Drummer.
History of Use
The donor purchased this set of miniature soldiers at the F.A.O. Schwarz Co., Fifth Ave., New York City.
4 x 17.6 x 30.3 cm
3.9 cm
Paper, cardstock; Paper
Brand Name
volontaires assault (assault troop volunteers)
Serial Number
Country of Origin
Republic of France

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