brush, scalp
brush, scalp
brush, scalp

brush, scalp


Accession Number
Part of an assembled 13 piece dresser set, this scalp brush is part of four matching Gorham sterling silver pieces with ornate embossed decoration in the French taste, the cartouche on the centre back monogrammed with 'LMD' (for Laura Miller Dunsmuir), the two embossed cherubs seated on either side of the cartouche, the ornate repousseed handle bearing the face of a cherub at the top, brush's bristles intact.
This mirror is part of a fine 13-piece silver dresser set assembled and owned by Laura Miller Dunsmuir (nee Surles). The set is unusually large and of very high quality. A Canadian woman of Mrs. Dunsmuir's wealth and social status during the Victorian and Edwardian eras would typically have had a dresser set similar to this one. 
History of Use
This is part of a silver dresser set assembled by the late Laura Miller Dunsmuir (Mrs. James Dunsmuir) was used by her at Burleith and Hatley Park. After her death in 1937, it was inherited by the daughter of her eldest son, Robert William Dunsmuir (also known as Robin), Laura Marion Dunsmuir. 
1900 – 1910
22.5 cm x 8.5 cm
Metal, silver; Bristle
Repoussed; Engraved; Embossed
rococo revival
LMD (for Laura Miller Dunsmuir)
Country of Origin
United States of America

Related person/business/organization
Laura Miller Dunsmuir (nee Surles) (owner)
Related Associations
Burleith (was used in)
Government House (Victoria, B.C.) (was used in)
Hatley Park (was used in)