scissors, fabric


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Stork shaped embroidery scissors, where the blades form the stork's beak and the shank the stork's body. Made of steel but with a gilt shank and handles. Stamped G.B. Solingen (Germany).
Embroidery scissors with shanks in the shapes of animals were popularized in the mid 19th century by cutlers based in Sheffield, the centre of England's scissor production industry at the time. Storks were one of the more popular designs, but humans and other animals, including chickens, alligators and swans, were also common. By the late 19th century, production of this type of embroidery scissor had largely moved to Germany, where this pair was manufactured.

Embroidery scissors can be differentiated from fabric shears by their small size, and by the fact that both blades are the same size and shape. 
History of Use
The donor was a collector of needlework items and left this to Craigdarroch as part of a large bequest of sewing tools. 
circa 1870
9.3 x 4 cm
Metal, steel; Metal, gold
Cast; Gilt
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Eileen Anderson (owner)