kit, needlework
kit, needlework

kit, needlework


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A heart-shaped maroon-coloured leather cased needlework kit with brass hinges and fastener, the interior of the lid lined in sapphire-blue satin, the bottom lined in deep sapphire blue velvet, its surface opened in three places to allow looped satin out and in thus holding in-place various tools, including (from left to right) a silver ear-wax spoon, silver scissors in a case and below them a thimble, a silver bodkin.
This 19th Century needlework kit is a convenient portable set of tools that a needle worker could use to perform various sewing or stitching functions. 

The tool at the extreme left is an earwax spoon that the user would insert into her/his ear to gather wax/oil for application to cotton thread to prevent tangling and make it easier to pull through heavy fabric, leather, or layers of stitching. The scissors are for cutting thread and fabric, and the thimble for pushing on the back of the needle to work it through tight portions of the work. On the far right is a bodkin. It is shaped like a blunt needle and used for threading ribbon or cord through eyelets and hems.
History of Use
circa 1895
12 x 11.2 cm
Leather; Fabric, silk, satin; Fabric, silk, velvet; Metal, brass

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Eileen Anderson (owner)