Edna Wallace Hopper

Edna Wallace Hopper (some sources say 1865-1959, others say 1872 and 1874-1959) was the step-daughter of Alexander Dunsmuir. She led a highly successful stage career in New York City before branching into her own line of health and beauty products. She also wrote books and magazine articles on health and beauty topics, and later in life, became a Wall Street stock trader.

Edna Wallace Hopper inherited Dunsmuir House in Oakland, CA about 15 months after Alexander Dunsmuir’s death in 1900. She started, and was eventually joined in by, Joan Olive Dunsmuir (who was Intervenor) a lawsuit against Hon. James Dunsmuir in which she sought to have Alexander’s Will overturned. Although she lost the action, Ms. Hopper’s business acumen eventually enabled her to rise to highest levels in business. 
Dates Active
1886 – 1959
circa 1865 – 1959